people love the idea of getting a 60% keyboard but they don’t love their price tag today we’re gonna take a look at three keyboards under $50 that will get the job done all these can be found on Amazon and have over a four star rating also all three of the models I tested have the very common and very popular brown switches. so I’m really interested to see how these bring the table considering they’re under fifty dollars.

Number three on the list we have the RK 61 from Royal kludge it has a beautiful white matte finish with customizable RGB effects in the package you get the keyboard itself the USB-C cable key cap puller and the manual pretty simple it’s got a very solid build quality with one single piece of sturdy plastic that surrounds the bottom and the sides of the keyboard on the base the keyboard you’ll find four rubber feet on each corner to keep it in place there are no flip-out risers but I never found the need for them as has already got a nice four degree incline the RGB of this keyboard is absolutely fantastic.

It’s one of its strongest selling points in my opinion it’s almost as if the keys float over the colors underneath them there are 17 memory modes on the keyboard with software to adjust further I found the modes and the keyboard plenty as as very easy switch through all of them using the function keys the switches themselves are branded as arcade brown switches but after some research I found out they’re manufactured by Zeon some of them feel a bit loose especially the space key as you can hear now these have usual brown specs with 50 Newton’s of force required with a two millimeter actuation point, they get the job done as brown switches but they’re definitely not as good as Gator on Browns for instance the total travel the keys feels too far from my comfort and it just doesn’t feel as refined as others on this list the caps themselves are double shot abs plastic and let the light shine through very easily well that might be very beautiful with light underneath them I found them to be a bit of a problem for me actually the field that keycaps actually developed a sort of slimy sticky sensation after several hours of use that wasn’t really pleasant it’d be very easy to get a new set of key caps.

Number two on this list is the GK 61 from Royal kludge it has a gloss black finish with the same sturdy build quality we saw at the Royal clutch actually it is almost identical the RK 61 in every single way it has the same sturdy piece of surrounding plastic same rubber feet layout USBC connection and even the same 4 degree incline as you can see here it is also limited in the way it does not have Bluetooth or remote capabilities the packaging is also very similar but this one comes with a switch remover because it is actually a hot swappable keyboard this process is very easy and gives good peace of mind if any of the switches fails and need to be replaced there are numerous onboard lighting modes with software that lets you do full customization of every part of this keyboard I’ll be honest I wanted to hate this keyboard as soon as I saw it turn on though the RGB looks quite awful.

It isn’t pleasant to look at when it’s in the rainbow pattern the reason for this is because there are two different LEDs per switch I think the idea is allow for more color combos but it really scuffed the look of some of the keys in my opinion the switches themselves are getting around optical Browns well the RGB might not look great as soon as I started playing with it I was blown away with one and a half millimeters of actuation point and the 50 Newton’s of required force the keys feel very slick and very well made it is easily one of the best feeling keyboards I’ve ever tried this sound is also quite nice as you can hear now while the field of switches is awesome there’s more to be desired about the keycaps themselves they are made with ABS plastic and double Sean Jackson but they’re glossy slides collect dust very easily.

I’m sure you’ve seen it a few this scenes in this video already some final thoughts on the GK 61 the limited features on this keyboard and its appearance can be hard to swallow at times such as its RGB lack of dedicated arrow keys lack of wireless functionality and its dust collecting finish but putting those aside its incredibly smooth to play on and sometimes you don’t even realize it’s there it just simply gets the job done when it needs to no more and no less it’s a well deserved second place.

At the top of the list we have the DK 63 from Daria just from the first moment of opening a packaging you realize this is special it comes with a braided USBC cable key cap polar manual and to spare decorative key caps the build is slightly different than what we saw before it has a sturdy base with a rubberized finish what I really like about it is that it does not have sides around the keyboard which allows you to see the RGB underneath it’s a nice look here’s how the side profile compares to the other two it has a slightly shallower incline but there are two flip-out risers that could add height if necessary it’s a nice option to have the switches are ought to move Browns.

These are almost identical to Cherry MX browns in their fields since they require 55 Newton’s of force and have a 2 millimeter actuation point here’s how they sound so typing sounds and feels great what about its performance in game. I love to feel this keyboard for gaming and general use there’s much more tactical feedback from these switches as compared to the other two it’s much easier to feel when a Keys actuated the key caps themselves are also very nice to the touch it states the bass the keyboard is made of ABS plastic and it doesn’t actually state anywhere what the caps are made of I want to say they’re double shot ABS I’ve heard some people hate the rubberized coating on key caps but they’ve had a consistent soft feel for the last couple weeks I’ve been using them no complaints here and here are those extra decorative key caps I mentioned earlier the RGB is controlled entirely with the memory modes and the keyboard. There’s no additional software to adjust further I don’t mind this but some people won’t like it well the wired mode will be preferred because of its low latency there’s a Bluetooth mode that is compatible with Windows Mac iOS and other Android devices it comes equipped with a 1900 milliamp battery will so give a power for several hours at least it’s actually pretty easy to set up with a small switch in the back there are also dedicated arrow keys on the bottom right of the keyboard this is a huge advantage that the other two don’t have it does this by sliding the question mark to the right side edge and moving the shift key inward.