The best $500 gaming PC build for 2021. I chose and kick it off with the CPU the AMD Ryzen 3 1200 chip is AMD’s lowest and rising 3 CPU but it’s actually a quad-core CPU it’s overclockable and comes in with a base clock of 3.1 gigahertz importantly it’s a quad-core CPU.

Which makes it compatible with pretty much all the latest triple-a titles and also future proof sets from what you can also overclock this chip fairly easily and the included stock cooler the Wraith cooler is fantastic as it keeps your CPU nice and cool and prevents any thermal throttling.


This is going to give you an A for doing some free performance a higher clock speed especially in those slightly older games that lie that fast single-threaded performance not only up the motherboard also looks really nice with a black and red color scheme although they do it in a more color-neutral black and silver scheme if you prefer it has an end to the slot for fast SSDs a decent rear i/o as well as two DIMM slots for support great ability talking of memory.

I went for Asus is prime at B 350 M – E it’s a micro ATX motherboard that strikes the best balance between the feature set giving you all the stuff you need in a small enough form factor there isn’t too expensive it’s a middle-of-the-road board that is really really great value importantly the be 350 chipset means you’re actually able to overclock the CPU herewith as simple as one click in the motherboard BIOS.

This is a part where over the past two years prices have just skyrocketed and show no signs really of slowing down the course as vengeance lpx eight gigabytes a one eight gig dim of ddr4 memory is a perfect choice its low-profile design means that it isn’t gonna get in the way of any of your other parts in this build if you put a big bulky CPU cooler on later down.

The line is an upgrade this isn’t gonna get in the way I’ve used this for about three years now ever since I first put my x99 PC and I’ve not been disappointed in it the slightest it’s a really nice stick around that does what it says on the tin and leaves you some room for upgrades later on down.

The line for storage I went for a hard drive as to be expected in this case say gates Barracuda this one terabyte hard drive gives you a thousand gigs of space for your movies music games theme and origin libraries at least superfast 7200 rpm speed yes it isn’t as fast as an SSD and it’s not going to be for half of the price and four times the capacity but the 7200 rpm speed is as fast as your mainstream consumer hard drugs get.

I have so many of these Sega drives I just trust them so so much that isn’t to say you shouldn’t back up your most important documents but if I’m gonna recommend a hard drive.

Graphics Card

It’s gonna be this one for the graphics card I went for Asus GeForce GTX 1050 it’s a two-gigabyte graphics card. Asus actually offer a range of different coolers here graphics car pricing due to the rise of cryptocurrency mining has become stupidly expensive and graphics card pricing is fluctuating quite a lot.

In short pick, up to any two young GTX 1050 that you can for the cheapest price when you go to buy these parts and that is going to serve you really nicely indeed the penultimate part on this list is of course the case however thermal takes versa h15 which actually featured in a dedicated video in the section.

Now this Thermaltake versa case is nice and small with the micro ATX form factor but supports full-size ATX power supplies which are cheaper and also has a nice side panel window as well as USB 3 on the front I own the mesh front panel is also really good for airflow to keep your system nice and cool and overall it’s a really nice case at a ridiculously low price and like all the parts mentioned is available on Amazon Prime for next day or two-day shipping which is really convenient finally for the power supply.

In this borough and for thermal take TR 2 500 watts importantly this is an 80 plus certified unit which is a really widely acknowledged standard that you should get on any power supply that guarantees that this unit will run above 80% efficiency at all times and that’s tested by an external company at 20% 50% and 100% load scenarios that are going to save you some money with this power supply output and less of the energy from the wall as heat and more of it as actually usable electricity that your computer can use.

The fan is nice and quiet only 500 watts of available output is more than enough with this bill consuming around 230 watts at the load you’ve got more than enough Headroom here you should never cheap out on a PSU but at the same time you don’t need a 1500 watt unit for a build like this that really is very very power efficient but that about wraps it up for my first PC bowl of 2021.