AMD‘s threader prism weather since August and comes as their response to Intel’s x99 and now ax 299 lineups there are three different chips which start off at the pathetic eight core sixteen thread variant moving up to the less pathetic twelve core 24 thread of 1920 X and then up to this behemoth.

The 1950 X 16 core 32 thread CPU watching the CPU tear through Cinebench with all of its 16 cores turbo and up to 4 gigahertz straight out of the box is enough fun for me in itself there are some more serious actual good use case scenarios though for a chip is powerful,

For example, video editing Premiere Pro DaVinci Resolve replications which can swallow up all of those 16 chords and actually utilize them in a really good way after effect is the same story as with 3d rendering in a blender, for example, they’re really programs that will really thrive off having 32 threads in which to utilize.

I will be covering more detailed benchmarks in a future video which you can find in the card section here but do we need to know for now is that it’s incredible so incredible it uses AMD’s brand-new socket which is absolutely huge and brings me nicely on to the next component.


In today’s build, the new cooler master ma 621 p is one of the first new CPU coolers designed exclusively for use with AMD thread repair that means that the plate actually covers the entire CPU, unlike other manufacturers which Ursuline adapt as an additional mounting hardware for older products that were originally designed for much smaller chips the LGA 1150 Ronal a.m. for designed CPUs.

This cooler is going to do a much more efficient job of cooling than many other CPU coolers available that boast this the Red River Mountain support and resembles a hyper 212 Evo that’s taken a few too many steroids and as the board itself most you know I mean on that one the caller also includes to RGB found which would normally go around $20 apiece with an RRP that sits around the $80 mark.

Now in reality any X through 99 motherboard which is the chips at your name for thread Ripper CPUs is going to have every feature you could possibly want to use on it this Asus one sits in the middle of their lineup and gives a good balance between affordability.

This is actually important in this build I mean I know you can easily get distracted by the four or five seven eight thousand dollar price tag depending on exactly how you spec this system out but in reality, you do still want to get some good value out of a lot of the components you choose.

Next up is a ram slash memory though I opted for in this build you do of course link ddr4 that goes without saying and a faster speed kit Locker 2666 or 3,000 megahertz variety isn’t gonna do too badly at all I opted for an RGB kit that’s compatible with Asus or sync directly through the dim slot with no additional cables required and a four by eight-gigabyte figuration given 32 gigs of DDR 4 for video editing 32 gigs for me is the sweet spot Ram is very expensive,

t’s important to know that you don’t want to just be spending 3 grand on memory in this build that’s just completely stupid if you find that this isn’t quite enough you can just go again and buy the identical kit and populate the additional slots with of course 8 DIMM slots available on this motherboard to give you 64 gigs of ram which most people will have trouble using all of the RGB on this as well looks really nice they’re all addressable RGB.

So you can go into great detail about how these things look if you really wish and they’re very good in terms of actual memory performance I’ve been using these in my personal editing rig for quite some time and never had any reliability problems with them never any blue screens caused by these any memory timing issues and they also overclock quite well I’ve got them running at 3000 megahertz in the build you see here are on this Asus motherboard without a single problem they also have red heat spreaders as well which kind of matches or does actually black and red.

So of the overarching color scheme of today’s gaming PC for the storage in today’s build this is a very much subjective thing and will vary depending on your needs but here’s my go-to settle a 500 gig or one terabyte Samsung 960 Pro and I’ve got to drive for your windows drive your boot drive it’s SuperDuper fast.

It will also fit on the motherboard really nicely a two and a half-inch SSD my go-to is the Kingston HyperX savage 480 gig drive I’ll use this for additional backups of any editing files as well as for scratch disks in editing software this is where they’re able to easily shove temporary data that they’re currently using rendered previews as well of videos for your editing software can go.

Here as well and there’s nothing worse than losing an editing file that you spend hours on because of saying a sporadic drive failure having two SSDs just gives you some failover and also gives you loads of super-fast storage I then also selected four terabytes saying it Barracuda hard drives 7200 rpm the standard three and a half-inch size for your backup for your massive storage many people will also have a server as do.

I’ll link that video in the card section here however having some onboard mass storage does work really really nicely for the graphics in this build I selected AMD’s latest highest-end GPU as their vega 64 with 8 gigabytes of HP empty memory and this superb Asus rog cooler onboard it isn’t gonna disappoint it’s also got loads of 4k DisplayPort and HDMI outputs on the rear and both Asus or sync meaning the RGB on the graphics card can sync up with the rest of the build to create a really nice cohesive looking.

Its a system for editing software such as DaVinci Resolve in Premiere Pro a high-end graphics card can be really important especially when it comes to color grading if you want super smooth playback that doesn’t drop any frames but you also have some decent color grades and visual effects on their graphics cards can be really important and the reason you want a high-end car is actually because of arguably poor software optimization rather than using the graphics card at 50% load every single second that we times when you’re editing software will go GPU power I need all of it and I need it.

Now and that’s where a high-end graphics card comes in it can supplement all of that power and give it everything it needs in one second rather than five and that prevents the visual stuttering and the timeline stuttering as you scrub through your timeline that many people come to see and absolutely loathe it’s got loads of 4k DisplayPort and HDMI compatible outputs and Asus is cooler on.

So you can’t really go wrong with the case in this build arguably the penultimate part I went for cooler masters master case 500 make out tempered glass Edition or else a belief that’s what it stands for this MC 500 and T as we’ll call it, for the time being, is stunning it’s got two tempered glass side panels one on either side and the tint on these actually isn’t too heavy.

I mean you can see inside your system and admire the build the front IO boasts loads of USB 3 ports USB 3.1 gen2 of the type C variety as well as an RGB and fan controller that work in conjunction with the Windows ASIS or a sync software meaning you can use both at the same time if you wish to make the system and the process just.

So much more seamless the back motherboard red plate and the RGB power supply divide out just top it off with support for ATX motherboards and superb cable routing options my four of you to come and I put that in the card section on release finally the last main part in today’s build is, of course, the power supply I went for cooler masters V 850 850 watts is enough for this build.

You don’t really need any more than that and does give some leverage for upgrades it’s fully modular with nice and sleek black cables and 80 plus gold certified meaning it is super duper efficient and isn’t gonna waste too much of the energy that it takes from the wall in terms of heat or fan noise, for example, I also selected some universal power supplied sleeved extensions which top this build off really nicely and add a hint of red as well to map the rest of this case.