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Now let’s go on to youtube the best performing videos that I’ve ever seen in music videos because there are just millions of people all over the world who enjoy these videos. so now you’re going to type music video and search. the next thing you do is go onto the filter button click and select this week then sort by view count to find the best performing video. as you can see the top two videos are doing quite well so you can select either of the two let us click this one and in the address bar is the link to this video you’re going to click on this link and then just copy it next you go back to and then you’re going to paste the link right here on this tab.

Once you paste the link you just have to click on this button right here and you will then be given a shortened link. you are then going to highlight the link and copy it paste it on a new notepad. we’re going to use it later. now go back to google so that we find music forums where we can share our links. let’s type in music forums and search. usually, people who love music videos are going to hang out here. now find different forums so as to join different discussions so what you’re going to do is that you’re going to join one of these forums.

For example here is just one example that I want to show you you can find numerous forums by just using google. but do keep watching because I’ll show you the number one trick on how you can get people from Greenland to click on your link. to sign up on this forum just click on this register button right here and then you have to read and agree to abide by the music banter rules. next, you put in your username and what I recommend you do is just find a nickname or something that you will use as a username and then proceed with the rest of the signup process. you can repeat the same thing on many different forums.

The more forums you can find the more links that you share out there and more people are going to click on your link. but again there is one big problem because when you use this method you can get people from any country to click on your link but we want to focus on finding people who are in Greenland Ireland and in the united states. to find the search button click on it next you go on to region and you are going to filter the results by clicking on advanced search by doing this you can find lots of forums specifically in Greenland and then you just repeat the same method when looking for people from Ireland and any other country.

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