Today we will be talking about a really great value 400 dollars gaming PC build for 2021 this off ultra budget gaming PC if you will provide some fantastic gaming experiences at 1080p 32 over 60 fps in some cases whether it’s csgo World of Warcraft Liga legend of the new Need for Speed GTA 5 or even fortnight yes it can roam fortnight this bill is gonna provide a nice game and experience without breaking the bank.

Now though let’s jump into the parts I chose and wide for this build kicking it off as always with the CPU for the processor in this build I selected the AMD Rosen 320 200 gen this new APU from AMD has blown everyone’s expectations out of the water the graphics technology here is actually so good that AMD of licensed it for Intel to use in some of their chips which is unheard of in such a competitive cheer opaline not only are the graphics inside this bad boy really good.

You can overclock them easily in the motherboard BIOS with a single click for free performance if you’d like it and also really efficient power design with lower heat output than the competition overall a really good chip and nothing that goes in the way of competing with it for them than the board in this build I selected the Asus prime to be 350 M – 8 it’s a really solid motherboard choice.

I’ve used it in so many of my builds the higher end be 350 chipsets is a far better choice than the lower end 320 motherboards and gives you features such as overclocking you get good display output options you getting them got two-slit on here as well as good expandability in terms of storage with SATA connections pretty much galore on this motherboard not only that it also supports dual-channel memory which would take advantage of in a moment’s time and the micro ATX form factor how to keep it nice and compact and small to keep your system have a nice reasonable size without breaking the bank.

Cheapest Gaming PC Build under 400$ in 2021.

All in all a reliable solid motherboard choice that isn’t gonna impact negatively on the performance of this Rison CPU for the memory in today’s build our selected 280 light dims of course as vengeance al px the DVR 426 66 megahertz speed is nice and fast and will benefit these massively and the fact we’ve got two dims here is really crucial for better performance figures ap use actually like fast memory and a lot of bandwidth and students are better than one this is because traditionally a standalone graphics card unit would have its own gddr5 memory to call upon.

When it needs it an APU needs to use these system standard DRAM and that’s where fast memory really comes in helpful for the storage in this build it was an easy simple choice in a budget build such as this you want to go for a hard drive to get the best possible value and allow yourself some more budget to spend on that crucial fps and game experience increasing components so they gates Barracuda it was a bit cheaper than Western Digital comparable option at the time of filming although links will be in the description below for different retailers and regions as I mentioned a moment ago.

I have loads of these say gate drives lying around from one terabyte units to just this to 2 and 4 terabyte units in my server and have another problem with a single one hard drives of course aren’t going to be as reliable or as fast as SSD units but coming to a hell of a lot cheaper and are definitely not a bad bet for the case in this build are selecting cooler masters latest addition to their budget and em ATX arsenal is 2q 300 out for me.

This really redefines what budget cases should be and how they really should be pretty rather than having crappy plastic panels all over the place that increased costs and kind of degrade on build quality it keeps it simple a metal frame with really nicely designed dis filters at the top and front of the chassis give a really unique design but one that works surprisingly well the ventilated front on top panel hood dis filters keep temperatures really low and the basic internal design helps to keep the cost down box being methodically laid out.

You get a large spanning critical side panel window on the side of the chassis and also side panel screws at the rear of the developer’s feet for alternative case orientations this thing will fit nicely into an office or a gaming room without taking up an extravagant overly excessive amount of space and does it at a truly astonishingly low an amazing value price point really really impressed by this thing for the power supply.

In this build I selected the Thermaltake 500 watt TR tune it’s 80 plus certified which guarantees good efficiency levels wasting less of the energy taken from the Wallace heat or noise output which can actually be used by the components of your system and comes in at an astonishing price point you also get good thermal take customer support and a nice warranty behind this and there really isn’t that much more to say it’s cheap its cheerful and it does the job really really well but that just about wraps it up for all the parts in today’s uber budget $400 game and PC build.