Today I’m here to make sure your spirits are written with an AMD $1500 Ryzen PC build. now whilst the i7 7700 K which is directly competing with is known to have slightly better single-threaded performance especially inside the older games at 1080p not many people are using the 7700 cases for the sole purpose of gaming.

When you’re streaming video editing rendering it using Photoshop the Adobe applications earning Vegas this is where that CPU really comes into its own and it comes in at around 10 dollars cheaper than the i7 7700, okay the motherboards for this one was another difficult choice I went for MSI’s X 370 gaming Pro carbon I’ve reviewed the V 274 that you can check that out in the card section now and this strikes a good balance between keeping that X 370 chipset with better overclocking a better feature set.

But also not spending so much really another board ends up costing more than you see it also looks very nice it looks good RGB control whether you want to change different bits to suit you build overall a really really nicely motherboard but what about the CPU cooler now there’s a whole range of choices finish you could go for a high-end air color such as at one problem not true out which have been shipping out with many of the rising chips as with new samples or you guys are something, not Cortez hydro series hate a the 2×3 now this is a 120-millimeter radiator it isn’t twice as big as a 240-millimeter rug.

So you can’t go to either absolutely no problem it’s got two fans in a push-pull configuration you can get nice temperatures I’m good overclocking performance it also looks very very nice it’s nice and quiet as well it’s going to be very very efficient going to keep CPU nice and cool overall a great bath and of course it has that AM for rising Mountain compressibility in terms of run this was another difficult choice that the run prices lately have been incredibly volatile and incredibly turbulence just going up and down and up and down.

You just can’t keep track that’s mainly due to the influx of new GPUs that require ddr4 these rather than seven chips for example and then AMD for calling more budget-oriented rising chips increases amounts of ddr4 quite drastically Corsairs vengeance IPX is nice it comes in a stuffy black design or you can get it in other colors as well and the ddr4 speed is what we need for the CPU another having reports of AMD’s rows and chips not coping quite.

So well with higher clock memories but it seems like mixed reactions some people samples have said yes have incredible and so we’ve gone about 3000 megahertz store in an absolutely no problem so just go for around a twenty-six 66 megahertz kit and then if it needs to run slower at 21 33 megahertz for example that’s going to be absolutely no problem however those books that should get ironed out in future kind of BIOS updates driver updates and that kind of stink.

Now storage was another tricky choice you obviously want an SSD and a hard drive your SSD for your Windows boot and your hard drive for your mass storage take a look at MVM and SSDs they’re very very expensive at the moment much like ddr4 Ram and it was a better option to go through something like Samsung 850 Evo or 850 Pro 500 gigabyte two and a half inch SATA SSD you can eat around about 20 to 25 gigabytes for your Windows 10 install.

But aside from that, you’ve seen at least 450 gigs of extra space the most freaking these games movies and applications they’ve also got an important document that you can still write on both the SSD and the hard drive for increased with dignity and reliability also in your video editing an SSD is crucial because you don’t want to experience storage bottlenecks from hard drives you’re editing 4k footage or even high bitrate 1080p footage in large quantities.

You read off a hard drive it isn’t fun trust me this is just a really nice product from Samsung and I featured it in quite a few of my bills and my build guides in the past in terms of my storage oh you want at least 2 terabytes for a build like this I could fill it Tera buying an afternoon with my Steam library and I’m sure many of you could as well they say get 2 terabyte Barracuda Drive is around about the same price as the Western Digital offering but I’ve just had better experiences with in terms of reliability comes in at 7200 rpm which is faster as mainstream hard drugs get and does the job perfectly.

Now to go along with the MS on the motherboard that I chose I thought you know what will share a massage some love with their gaming GeForce GTX 1070 it’s got an 8-gigabyte frame buffer which is great for cranking or the textures and of course supports SLI if you wanted to add another one in later on down the line be aware though if you were opting for 210 seventies out of the box I would recommend them for 1080 in a single card configuration.

This 1070 is more than powerful enough for most people it looks really sick in its black and red design and also goes along with the case that I’ve chosen talking in the case of BitFenix or is it’s just an incredible case I’ve actually got a review of this going up in the channel and you can view that in the card section.

Now it’s got tempered glass side panels on both sides you can also get LEDs analogy Suns in it as well to make it look even better it’s got RGB LEDs.