This blog is about a budget custom gaming pc under 350$ that you can get right now with a dedicated graphics card. today I’m going to tell you exactly how to build one for yourself. All right so without wasting any more time let’s jump straight into the parts list today and first up is the CPU and motherboard combo that I actually snagged up used off Makari for just 80 it’s packing a four-quart and four threaded first-generation Ryzen 3 1200 and the motherboard is a gigabyte a320m s2h this is actually some serious price to performance to start out a budget build guide and it’s honestly exactly what I would recommend you guys doing I’ve been scouring Makari every single day for the past few weeks.

You can almost find an in-stock budget first or second-generation Ryzen CPU paired with a motherboard like this it’s a great way to kick off a budget build if you’re searching yourself I would recommend first realizing that you can easily buy a slightly higher-end Ryzen 5 2600 for around 100 and a decent b450 for 50 which totals 150 and then based all of your purchasing decisions around that 150 for a combo like that is honestly probably the best price to the performance that you can get for budget builds.

Right now so if you’re going to buy something cheaper like a Ryzen 3 1200 and an a320 motherboard like I did today just make sure that the price that you’re paying makes sense compared to the 150 combos using the 2600 and b450 this here is a 2×8 gigabyte kit of gale Evo Potenza ram that’s clocked at 3200 megahertz and I also snagged this up off Merkari for just 35 remember that you got to be careful with your ram kit selections when you’re using a first-generation Ryzen CPU motherboard there were a ton of compatibility issues.

Netac 500 gigabytes 2.5-inch SATA SSD and the only reason I’m using this again is that I actually bought like four of them because they were on sale down to just 37 it’s a perfect option for a budget flip like this the power supply I chose fits that description as well this is of course yet another evga 450 VR that I paid just 25 for used on EVGA b stock once again this isn’t the 100 most optimized power supply out there and it’s not rated that high it’s fine for a budget system like this or especially a budget flip but if you do think that you’ll be upgrading your components inside the build in the near future.

I would definitely recommend just buying a better power supply now with more wattage and a higher tier rating on the latest tier list and next up we have the case and honestly I’m just embarrassed that I have to explain myself again but this is yet again the Antec nx200m that I’ve used like three times now in the last month or so it’s just such a good case for being 45 to 50 but I definitely need to show some more variety on my channel so sorry again about that it only comes with one black fan.

So you’ll need to add your own as I did with this three-pack of up here RGB fans but other than that it’s pretty solid for the price and that PSU cutout allows us to apply some white carbon fiber vinyl action like I did which really ties the color scheme together those cable extensions get that job done as well but today I tried something different other than our typical Asia horse cables that I normally go with these are from a brand called f-stop and they only cost 18 which is why I wanted to try them out but oh boy I’ll never be buying these again they 100 get the job done.

We don’t have any power issues and they at least look decent but the problem is that these cables are super skinny so these cable combs just freely move around the cables like this and it was super annoying to install I’m never gonna be buying these ever again but now that brings us to the last piece of the puzzle the graphics card obviously and this one you can actually pick up right now on Ali express for a not so terrible price this here is the sapphire RX 564-gigabyte card and it not only fits our black and white aesthetic perfectly.

By the way, each of these are all over aliexpress and you can buy one today if you don’t mind paying a bit more than what they’re worth and waiting on that obnoxiously long 20 to 30 day shipping now if you’re trying to follow this build guide you don’t need to buy the exact model of graphics card that i did there’s a ton of 460s and 560s on aliexpress to choose from just make sure that you’re buying from somebody that has a high star rating and a lot of selling history and please make sure you’re getting a graphics card that at least fits the color scheme of the build you’re trying to do i shouldn’t need to tell the ztt audience that last bit because i know most of you are rocking that aesthetic builder’s mindset but either way here’s what the final process is looking like for my most updated 350 gaming pc build guide just like always that price is before the aesthetic only options because you don’t absolutely need them.

If you do want to copy the cable extensions vinyl wrap and rgb fans then your total would be closer to 400 but now it’s time to jump straight into the benchmarks and just remember that we are dealing with a very budget 350 build here today so these numbers aren’t going to be super impressive or anything and the first game sam tested was valor which is a nice easy start and in 1080p with low settings we got 114 fps [Music] [Music] next up is rainbow six siege and when using the built-in benchmarking tool in 1080p with medium settings we got 86 fps after that with csgo which is definitely relying on that ryzen 3 1200 more than anything and in 1080p with pro settings we actually got a pretty solid average fps of 120.

Everyone’s favorite Fortnite followed up after that and during an online game in 1080p with pro settings we actually got over the 100 fps mark with 105. grand theft auto 5 followed after that because I still see a ton of people playing this game and requesting it in my benchmarking run so you know we got you covered and in 1080p with medium settings, this pc cranked out 94 frames per second valheim tailed after that which is the first truly demanding title in this benchmarking run and in 1080p with low settings we got just under that 60 mark with 59 fps next up was apex legends.

Sorry, we don’t have one of sam’s baller sniping montages on this one and in 1080p with low settings we got 74fps just like always we got to include a 3dmark time spy run in here and this poor little 350 gaming pc only cranked out a measly score of 1873. and as promised here are 10 more benchmarks just so you know exactly how a budget system like this will perform shout out to sam again for benchmarking the heck out of the system and here are the most harder to run aaa titles so you can see what this Ryzen 3 1200 and RX 560 combo are capable of if you guys are still watching to this point then shout out to you for watching to the end it would be much appreciated if you guys could show sam some love down in the comment section for benchmarking yet again the heck out of this gaming pc.