This blog is for all the frugal gamers out there people who are on a very tight budget and want to build themselves a gaming pc and enjoy some pc games but don’t have a lot of money in today’s video I tell you guys about a 300 gaming pc the best 300 gaming pc you can build right now in late 2021 and maybe upgrade down the line maybe in 2022 or whenever you find the money to do it and get some really nice performance.

This pc by itself right now is a really good you know solid value for money build but by adding some future upgrades like a good graphics card you can get some really beastly performance out of it for your money so with that being said I’ll take you guys through the parts you need to build this pc and then we’ll talk about all the performance that you can expect from this build.

All right so for the CPU it was a no-brainer here we’ve gone with the AMD Ryzen 3 3200g now this happens to be our CPU as well as the graphics card for this build this is the APU from AMD and there are no new ones out yet or at least in this budget so this is going to serve as well right now it can be found on or any other site for under 100 it’s a four-core four-thread CPU it is unlocked so you can overclock it you get a beast clock of 3.6 gigahertz and a boost of four and it comes with its own cooler.

So you don’t have to waste money on that either it comes with its own rate you know stealth cooler and that’s going to do the job for just you know basic use you can try overclocking on it but it’s not going to handle that really well so you’ll have to get after-market cooling if you want to do you know some serious overclocking on this pc and it’s a 65-watt TDP CPU it doesn’t take much power gives really nice performance we’ll talk about that towards the end of the video but for the CPU you’ve got the AMD Ryzen 3 3200g.

Now to have that CPU we need a good motherboard and now I’m not going to skimp out and get an a320 motherboard because it does not allow for overclocking and those are just cheap motherboards that do not allow you to know good upgrades in the future either we’re going to go with the gigabyte b450mdx38 it’s a b450 motherboard got the am4 socket as well you can overclock it’s got four ram slots so you can add more memory down the line no problem at all and you can add a better CPU in the future as well.

Let’s say you find the money to do that you can add a Ryzen 5 or you can go up to all the newer CPUs that AMD’s gonna launch and which are supported on this motherboard and that’s gonna do the job it’s got all the basic features like USB HDMI and you know RGB all those you know bells and whistles all the essential features there in this motherboard and it’s just a solid value for money board in my you know opinion for this kind of price all right for the ram to save money in this build we have gone with eight gigabytes of ram at 3000 megahertz and this is coming from patriot this is a viper 4 series memory and again it’s going to be two four gigabyte sticks at 3000 megahertz and Ryzen just loves dual channel you know memory and APU’s, in general, the cray for dual-channel memory.

So when you’re gonna run these two sticks you’re gonna get really nice performance better performance compared to a single stick of ram and there are going to be two empty slots on the motherboard so let’s say in the future you need more ram or you do get the money to add more ram you can go up to 16 gigabytes but my opinion is to buy 16 gigabytes of ram right now and then just bless yourself for the rest of your lives for storage I don’t want to skimp out here either I don’t want to put in a slow hard drive and make you feel like you’re using a cheap budget pc.

so we’ve gone with 256 gigabytes of silicon power SSD this is again normal 3d9 SSD for 25 250 gigabytes is more than enough you can have your operating system a few games some programs that you like to use and that’s going to be the deal if you want more storage you can invest in more SSD or get a hard drive for just mass storage to save all the large files but for now, 25 SSD should do the job and that’s going to be that now for powering this pc again no skimping out on the power supply because it happens to be one of the more crucial components in your build we’ve gone with EVGA’s 500 watt b1 this is their 500-watt power supply it’s 80 plus wide certified.

so again you’re gonna get 80 plus efficiency at all times or at least in ideal conditions and it’s coming from a reliable brand like EVGA these power supplies sell like hot cakes all the time people just like using them and for around 40 it should do the job should give you headroom for future upgrades 500 watts is more than enough and you’re also getting a three-year warranty so you can you know stay rest assured that if something goes wrong they’ll have you covered all right.

so moving on to wrap this whole build-up and get all our components in one place we’ve got the case itself and this is going to be the deep cool matrix 50. it’s good you know ATX mid-tower case for 50 dollars kind of expensive for this build but let’s say you’re doing you know the upgrades in the future you won’t like a cheaper cabinet then so just get a better one right now and you’re going to be happy in the future so it’s going to be an again ATX mid-tower cabinet with you know clear side panel that’s tempered glass you’ve got a PSU shot and you do get one you know black rear fan pre-installed so that’s going to do the exhaust work but you can add more fans and stuff in the future again that’s gonna be your choice but for now this case is good for fifty dollars it’s got a lot of space good cable management and all that good airflow and yes it’s gonna be a really nice value for money product and should be able to complete this build.

so that’s gonna be the parts that we’re gonna be using for this build all right so that’s about it for the parts now let’s talk about the performance you can expect from this build now for this pc by itself right now with the parts we have chosen it is a good pc for esports gaming so you know games like cs go Dota 2 leagues of legends world of warcraft PUBG, Fortnite all those kind of games will run fine on this but don’t expect it to crush the modern triple tiles in 1080p or anything like that’s not going to happen anytime soon until you add more ram and more graphics especially a discrete graphics card like the 580 590.

There’s some nice graphics cards from amd as well there’s you know some stuff from nvidia you can get the 1650 super the 1660 super all those cards should do well for this kind of build they’ll get you that 1080p buttery smooth 60fps performance no problem and you’re gonna be happy but by itself right now this pc is capable of doing gaming at 720p and 1080p depending upon the title you’ll have to tinker around with the settings and resolution to get the best playable frame rate but again esports titles should be no problem you can play things like rocket league as well on this but you won’t be able to edit videos you know really well and live streaming is not even in the question here you will not be able to stream stuff on this pc you might be able to edit that you know like 1080p video here and there but apart from that that’s going to be it for the performance i highly recommend getting a discreet graphics card but that’s about it for this video guys i don’t want to waste your time you know boring you with some benchmarks and specifications and stuff like that i just want you guys to have the best bill under 300.