Today I’m taking you over an insane $1200 gaming PC board for 2021 this bill will perform effortlessly while in 1440p at high settings were hitting that key 60fps and look fantastic and I mean fantastic in the process before I jump into the parts I chose for this build.

Why make sure you smash that like bone but let’s look at some performance figures and the latest triple 8 I told you see impressive results at telling to be Mac settings as well as 1440p medium to high settings jump to some of the slightly older games once again 1440p high settings up to 100 FPS in some scenarios.

Let’s jump into the parts that are selected though and kick it off as always with the CPU AMD‘s risin 5 1600 is the perfect choice for this build its 6 cores and twelve threads make it great for the latest games that like a lot of cause and a lot of threads and also make it a good contender for live stream to twitch or even a bit of video editing this is their lower end 6 Corizon 5 CPU but there’s good reason for that it’s easily overclockable.

Which we are going to be doing in this build for some free performance and boost that single-threaded numbers up slightly which is preferred in slightly older titles for the CPU cooler in today’s build this is a new entry from deep cold and is very very impressive at just over $100 it gives you a whole but turn of overclock in a head room and leverage and also looks fantastic 360 more radiator comes included with three 120mm fans .

Which were actually really quiet as well as the pump on this unit looking amazing with that external pipe design and also being fully RGB syncing with all the other RGB components in this build the radiator also fits in the case easily you could have more fans here too if you wanted to and fits with hard drive and power supplies are all installed at normal levels.

So no compromises have to be made when it comes to the mountain process is also relatively easy providing you read the instructions I like that the hard way and goes on pretty seamlessly and it’s like a breeze for the motherboard in today’s build I went for the Asus Strix be 350f gaming motherboard I have absolutely no regrets about spending a bit more than normal on a motherboard.

It has RGB headers to sync up the RGB components in today’s build it supports dual channel memory with good RAM and CPU overclock in supports sitting on that be 350 chipset meaning you’ve got that support for every clock in and this motherboard is one of the best be 350 overclocking boards out there due to be fiat vrm and chipset coolin you also get USB C and type 3.1.

The superfast data transfer speeds and a heap of other features too just RGB onboard really good friend panel connectivity and overall a fantastic design at a price point that when considered isn’t really that bad the next part in today’s build is of course the memory the RAM I went four to eight kingdoms of a letter spectryx ddr4 some of the shots you will have seen are chilled for dims in just for giggles to see what it would look like and it looks incredible this hardly be Ram works directly through the motherboard she can control all the LEDs through your motherboards software suite.

If you wish to make the experience far more seamless and avoid the need for any additional extra cables each of the RGB is underneath the heat spreaders also addressable meaning you could control each RGB in each dip of RAM if you wanted that amount of control over this memory not to mention it’s also decent at overclocking and the dual-channel configuration gives your CPU.

A bit more bandwidth in reality you don’t want to fill up Fordham’s especially in a 16 gig configuration because it doesn’t give you much Headroom for upgrades but this is a nice balance lives good future-proofing options and looks superb in the process for the storage in today’s build I always recommend no matter how expensive the machine an SSD and a hard drive separately this provides the best balance giving you that fast SSD Windows boot speeds.

Then the mass storage for the mass storage a 2 terabyte SayIt barracuda is honestly the best option I’ll bet it’s affordable I’ve had no reliability issues with almost half of 2030 terabytes of say Gate desktop hard drives the 7200 rpm speed is fast in terms of hard drives it isn’t gonna compete with an SSD but isn’t all that slow by any means and the three and a half inch form factor it’s a standard for hard drives.

Nowadays gamers seem to be getting bigger and bigger as every year goes by GTA 5 is a 70 gigabyte game for example even fortnight’s like 36 gigs or something absolutely ridiculous this hard drives gives you loads of mass storage for your movies music games and gives you a place to back up any valuable data you might have on your SSD for a bit of failover and redundancy support finally for the SSD are selected samsung’s 960 Evo it’s an MDOT to drive.

So slots nicely into the motherboard on this build and yeah it’s just a really really solid option it’s incredibly fast and bypasses the SATA interface on your motherboard meaning you get more than 600 megabytes read and write speeds through the end up to port on this board overall it’s a really good SSD very reliable and doesn’t run to your heart when compared to other end up – drives on the market next up is the graphics card.

Now this blog is uploaded in a time where graphics card pricing is volatile to say the very least normally I’d go for a GTX 1070 and a build like this but they’re going for like $700 each and this is a $1200 build so I went for one of Asus is higher-end GTX 10 6 DS the Strix 6 gigabyte version the triple fan design is really nice you get RGB support here as well which will sync up directly through that PCIe slot with all your the parts in today’s build.

Now, this is a big deal I’ve actually been asking manufacturers such as Coolermaster for RGB hopes for some time and they recently delivered that on one of their recent case releases the reason this is such a big deal is that I like for example in this build to plug all of the RGB components into the header on the motherboard, in this case, Asus Ozora Singh software to control seamlessly and easily through Windows however when you start splitting up a signal off into 6 7 or 10 other 4 pin connectors for all your RGB fans and your- strips and then that sort of stuff you tend to get signal degradation.