Today I’m taking you over the RX for eighty-seven hundred and fifty dollars at gaming pc build for 2021 more specifically your July, August, and Sep temperament but given the parts in this build your good until while well until the end of the year so with any build always glass James how will this bill perform in the latest triple-a titles or even some of the slightly older titles.

This build will smash them at 1080p and 1440p at Ultra settings was achieving over 60 frames per second it will smash overwatch the optimum battlefield one it will destroy obliterate it completely this build is insane to even some of the slightly older titles that are really hard to run such as Crysis 3 gonna be seeing a sustained above 60 frames per second-star wars battlefront.

Another great example you’re gonna be seeing about 120 hundred and thirty frames per second on average out 1080 and 1440p with settings cranked all the way up so let’s take you over the parts that make this build possible the CPU om four is Intel’s Core i5 6500 it’s a quad-core CPU and it comes clocked at 3.2 gigahertz it isn’t overclockable but overclocking a CPU doesn’t tend to give you a better price to performance ratio.

If you were to buy parts that didn’t support overclocking the quad-core means that is compatible with all of the latest triple-a titles it’s got good single-threaded performance meaning that it’s great for some of the slightly older titles that only utilize one core and even some of the slightly newer ones that only utilize that first CPU thread and more importantly it’s on the entire sky like architecture.

Which mean if you didn’t want to swap this out for something later on down the line you can go all the way up to an i7 which is very capable of editing you can also get DD this CPU also supports ddr4 ram which just gets you into the new ecosystems and it’s better for the money even than any of AMD’s offerings at the moment for the motherboard the gigabyte gah 110 m dash a is a micro ATX motherboard with the LGA 1151 socket.

It is very important that the LGA 1151 socket supports these Skylake CPUs and this is great if you want better raid to support more hard drive support more NVME support more PCI-E slots more p sierra lanes more random stops but while not actually random slots in this case because this board is very well equipped then you want to go up to the z 170 chipset which supports overclocking but motherboards don’t directly affect at your computer’s performance and this motherboard has got plenty of scope for smoke rose later on.

The line you can upgrade the CPU up to when I 760 700 k and no doubt that 7700 k when that comes out and it’s actually quite future-proofed the ram a web for is 18 gigs dim of Kingston’s Hyperx fury you can get it in black white red or blue it’s got a nice cast latency it’s DVR for which is great ddr4 is actually really really cheap at a minute and comes clocked at 2133 megahertz well she could get a little bit extra performance from some 2,400 megahertz awesome 2663 megahertz memory it isn’t going to give you the best value and it doesn’t really affect gaming performance that much.

Anyway so this ramp was the best option the storage for this build was a difficult decision did it go SSD and hard drive or just a bigger hard drive in the end I chose one terabyte say gay hybrid drive it’s got 7200 rpm spinning hard drive platters in which is as fast as your mainstream hard drives get and it’s also got an SSD cache for some your most frequently used and opened applications for the video card.

This is where it gets very interesting AMD’s brand new RX 480 8 gigabyte graphics card it has a crazy frame will fight in SLI you can outdo Nvidia latest 1080 which comes in at like six hundred dollars XFX I’ve got a really nice design as well and I love the RX 480 go pick it up it performs phenomenally well the case is the NZXT s3 40 you can get it in black black and blue-black and red or even black and green or even white as well loads of different colors it steals the best features from NZ expertise age 440 and it’s got a locker an SSD show-off area a power supply shroud room for hard drives SSDs up to ATX motherboards and up to three graphics cards or even six single-slot expansion cards for the power supply EVGA supernova NEX 750 watt not only gives us plenty of headroom this build only can only consume 300 watts so we’ve got well over double here.

So you could put another graphics card in you can overclock everything overclockable in this building you’re not gonna run out of power great power supply comes to another great price and definitely keeps his build nice and powered.