today we’re taking a look at what might be the best value camera for youtube in 2021. this camera is small it’s 4k it has interchangeable lenses a flip-out screen unlimited record time crazy autofocus and a ton of customization and features all for a 700 dollar price tag we’re talking about the sony zve10 let’s go.

All right welcome back to the channel as mentioned before today we are talking about the sony tv e10 for starters this camera can shoot in 4k you can choose either 30 fps or 24 fps and it also has slow-motion modes in HD which can go all the way to 120. now this camera has the same old sensor as a lot of the sony a6000 line cameras so if you’ve owned or shot with something like an a6300 a6400 or any of those types of crop sensor cameras this is that same old sensor and it’s going to be very similar quality.

I actually am a big fan of the form factor of this camera it is smaller than the a6000 counterparts and it has a flip-out screen which makes it way easier for filming yourself the downside of this smaller form factor is that we do lose out on the EVF the electronic viewfinder which means the only way we can see what we’re doing is from the screen itself and it’s honestly not the sharpest ever and you may be thinking well what does the EVF matter for video well if you’ve ever been trying to shoot out in the bright daylight.

It’s very very helpful to have an EVF it kind of gives you a clearer easier way to see your image right up close and it’s usually a better display than that of the screen this form factor keeps the battery and sd card in the same slot which is very similar to a lot of the other crop sensor bodies but it’s actually a pro compared to its predecessor the zv1 because it doesn’t interfere with the tripod mount this camera has sony’s incredible autofocus system the face detect and the eye detect are incredible.

It works really really well it even offers the same modes as the zv1 such as product showcase mode and you know the background defocus all of that stuff is packed into here all in all the autofocus is incredible okay let’s talk about the slow-motion settings of this camera because it gets a little interesting this camera offers sony’s newer option for slow-motion which is the song mode this is intended to be easy to access it will actually slow down your footage in-camera so you don’t have to do it in post one downside of using snag is that there is no audio the quality of the files are also technically lower.

If you were to just change the resolution in camera to hd though in my testing i really haven’t noticed a difference the audio on this camera is pretty great it has both a microphone input and a headphone jack for audio monitoring you can easily access and change the volume levels and the onboard microphone does sound pretty good although personally i would still use an external microphone alright and now we are using the zve10 onboard microphone cars are driving by.

I’m just trying to figure out how it sounds when it’s coming by right about now i’m going to continue talking just to see how this sounds compared to the deity microphone all right right now we are testing the deity microphone on top of the zve10 just to get a feel for how that will sound in comparison to the onboard microphone we’re right next to a busy street there could be some cars driving by a car is driving by right about now i’m going to keep talking just to see how it will perform against the onboard microphone.

This is the big difference between this camera and its predecessor the zv1 this allows you to use interchangeable lenses this is amazing because it really levels up what this camera body is capable of compared to the zv1 with the use of lenses you can really upgrade the quality from this camera but it’s not like it instantly is there when you buy it you still have to pay for it here is a talking head studio shot using the kit lens and now i’m going to switch it to something nicer like a sigma 16 millimeter 1.4.

This is an insane upgrade and it’s actually the same lens i’m using for this talking headshot here this is an amazing camera body for the price especially but you don’t get to unlock its full potential until you start putting some lenses on it this camera uses those same old crappy small sony batteries when i heard that these were the batteries this camera was using i was so bummed out as somebody who’s used these batteries with shooting live event gigs that are you know eight to ten hours long like weddings.

I will you know be carrying like 20 of these and they just don’t really last that long but with that said they did something with this camera i don’t know what it was but the battery life from those small little sony batteries just last longer in this camera i even did a battery test to prove it this camera recorded consistently at 4k using continuous autofocus for nearly two hours that’s nearly twice the length that i got out of the zb1 which is to be expected because this is a bigger battery.

The interesting thing was it was well past what i got with the a6300 which uses the same battery but for context my iii was only at 60 percent when this one died out this camera has the same stabilization settings as the sony zv1 no stabilization standard stabilization and sony’s active stabilization and to be honest the stabilization in this camera kinda sucks you definitely do get a lot smoother footage from sony’s active stabilization mode but it comes at the sacrifice of like a 45 crop which is just ridiculous.

If you’re trying to hold it out and vlog and film yourself which i think is kind of the purpose of this camera it’s just way too uncomfortably close but with that said for other filming applications like getting b-roll or stuff like that i think that the active stabilization is pretty good and you could look at it as a pro because you can get a longer reach out of your camera if you’re trying to film something at a distance okay so i have mixed opinions about this camera i would guess that a lot of you are trying to decide between the e10 and the zv1.

Here’s my thoughts i think that the zv1 is probably going to be better if you’re a vlogger i think it will be more enjoyable to use easier to bring around small and compact and i just think it will work better for that purpose but if you’re doing talking ahead videos on youtube like this where you’re reviewing products and creating tutorials i do think that the e10 will be a better investment especially if you have a little bit more budget to work with up front and can invest in some glass the two lenses i’d recommend getting for this camera are the sigma 16 millimeter 1.4 and sony’s 50 millimeter 1.8 i do think that these two lenses paired with the e10 will give you a quality increase over the zv1 but it does come at an over 500 price tag ultimately i think the zv1 is a great all-in-one solution and the sony zve10 is a great option that you can grow into.