let’s talk about five ways to make your videos look better. so my dudes and dudettes I haven’t said it in a while but you know I’m constantly thinking it. et’s talk about how to improve your videos because that’s what you’re all here for right and I’m gonna start with a big one something that I struggled with for months even though in the back of my head I kind of knew what the problem was colors contrast and saturation for a long time.

I just couldn’t get it right every time I uploaded a video the colors either looked oversaturated or completely washed out sometimes there was too much contrast or not enough and then on top of all that my videos looked completely different on every device I just couldn’t get it right and then like six months ago I think I finally did what I should have done from the beginning look I know that youtube uses the RGB color space and that’s pretty close to rec 709 the standard for video now.

When I was editing them in DaVinci resolve so I always had to over or under compensate saturation and contrast you know what I mean to get it right for youtube so yeah apparently those color profiles of the MacBook pro are garbage if you want to get it right you have to calibrate your screen and that’s what changed everything for me I’m using a calibrated screen now and I know that when I’m editing in Davinci resolve what I see there is also what it’s going to look like after I upload it to youtube, not 100 the same of course because of the compression but very very close so if you’re struggling with getting the colors and the contrast right on different media color calibration is the answer now just.

I don’t get those weird results anymore and those big differences and it makes everything so much easier and less frustrating the next tip is don’t be lazy now you probably already knew that but I recently found out that sometimes even when I think that I’m not being lazy I’m still being lazy when I’m shooting a b-roll or a video so let me just show you something do you remember the solo b-roll that I shot a few weeks ago in case you haven’t seen it yet I’ll put a link in the description but here’s a short clip of me riding the bike first the lazy version.

that’s what it would have looked like a few years ago when I started making videos now let’s take a look at what it would look like on those days that I put in some effort but still not enough. much more dynamic right but it still doesn’t sparkle it doesn’t have that wow factor so now let’s take a look at what it looks like when I put in maximum effort and let’s also add some music. wow, what a difference you know instead of being lazy and moving on to the next part of the sequence so I could be done sooner I decided to put my camera on my tripod held it upside down.

While I was riding the bike to get those cool moving shots I put maximum effort into it and I even took a risk because it was kinda dangerous for my camera so don’t be lazy and of course, it applies to different aspects of filmmaking getting creative shots and interesting angles of course but also preparing your shoot and looking for a location editing your sequence, for example, don’t just settle for the first music track that you find and you think like okay that sounds good enough no good enough is not good enough.

Yeah, that’s right good enough is not good enough put some effort into it sometimes I browse for hours to find that perfect music track because I know that it makes all the difference don’t be lazy and I know it’s hard next we have a camera movement and more specifically how and when to use camera movements wait I’m gonna show you, okay so you know a lot of times people say you have to add camera movement because it makes your videos better but that’s not true and I’m going to give you a simple example something.

What I call the tourist pan and that’s moving the camera like this you know like pivoting a lot of beginners including me when I started making videos what they do is when they want to capture a nice scene or landscape what they do is okay there’s something nice let’s get that oh there also nice and then maybe oh up there okay I think I have everything see what I mean it’s like moving the camera like this just to every little thing that you see but that that’s not right.

You should do is get different shots cut out all that in-between stuff because it’s not that just because you’re moving the camera like that that that’s camera movement you know what I mean it won’t make your video look dynamic what you should do is get a shot of the first interesting thing that you want to show then cut and get a second shot to add something in the foreground may be some movement then cut and so on don’t move from one interesting thing to another and just make it one long shot and then just because you’re moving the camera you think like yeah it will look nice because that’s not how it works I hope you understand.

Next, we have a sound look, in the beginning, some of my videos looked bad because they sounded bad yeah that happens because the sound is just as important as the visuals what you see for talking head videos of course it’s important but also for b-roll and commercials and I’m not talking about just music but also sound effects let me show you a short clip again of that solo b-roll first without sound effects okay and now with sound effects.

don’t even have to explain this right it’s just mind-blowing the difference, okay and then finally pay attention to details even if the viewer doesn’t see them what how does that make sense look details that you can see obviously are super important because people will notice them not everyone will notice them but you know the result wouldn’t be the same without it,

For example, adding a simple rim light to a shot so adding details is super important but also removing details dust or an object that shouldn’t be in the frame and you know no one will know that you removed that object from the shot but if it would be there the shot wouldn’t be as good so adding details that are important but also removing them even though you’re the only one that knows that you did that removing that object or dust or whatever but it does make all the difference details make all the difference.