Three years hundreds of clients and seven figures in revenue but what are the five things that I wish I knew before I launched my digital marketing agency let’s do it. okay, so the other day one of my students asked me what are the five things I wish I knew before launching and it was a really thought-provoking question I thought what better place to answer that question than to all of you lovely people.

So the first thing I wish I knew before I launched my agency was that I could not be the jack of all trades and you should not attempt to be the jack of all trades you should focus on one skill and master it so when I first started my agency I literally signed up every single client I possibly could I didn’t care what niche they were in I worked for a restaurant I worked with a dentist I worked with a furniture store a bathroom and kitchen showman a showroom gyms so my client list was endless and that’s just literally the tip of the iceberg so every time I signed up a new client I had to learn a different industry I had to learn a completely different marketing strategy and so it took me a long time to get to grips with those marketing strategies now looking back at it I learned a lot.

Now the second thing I wish I knew was client communication is actually 50 of your service and what I mean by this is you could provide or get the best return on investment for your clients possible but if you do not have a good relationship with them if you don’t keep them updated you don’t communicate with them then they’re not going to enjoy working with you and they’ll just go to another agency who they think can replicate your results because they’ll have a better relationship with them and so it’s very very important that you invest time into building a personal relationship with each and every one of your clients.

I pride myself in making my clients i want them to refer me to all the business owners they know i want them to shout about me from the rooftops and have a great relationship with not just myself but all of the members of our team as well and as i said this doesn’t just mean that you should be on the phone at nine o’clock every single night you need to set clear boundaries and two weeks ago we had this realization in the agency that we were spending a lot of time communicating with our clients so there is a line but what we did is we put together a client communication guide we send that over to absolutely all of our clients and we send it to new clients too within our contract and it essentially outlines our policy for how we communicate on what mediums what platforms and within what time frame then highlights that we will send them a monthly video report to keep them updated and we will also give them a monthly strategy call where we’ll go through their overriding marketing strategy and look at how we can help them grow in other areas of their business that we’re not currently helping them with and that also allows us to upsell them to other products or services if they need them but it’s very very important at we pride ourselves on having extremely strong client relationships so our clients will never look elsewhere because of the foundations that we have built through very good communication practices.

Now the third thing is you won’t retain every single client and that is okay now everybody loses clients anybody who says they don’t lose clients is talking crap okay when I first started the agency I worked with a kitchen and bathroom showroom and it was my third ever client and we just didn’t hit it off from the go it was a hard sell on my part.

When i started working with them they weren’t getting the content i needed them to create i started creating content for them which they didn’t like they had a different vision for their brand or entirely a different vision that actually wasn’t selling their products very well online and we just clashed heads straight away and so we stopped working with each other after a couple of months of starting even though they were making return on investment we just didn’t have a good relationship with them, that is okay now at the start i beat myself up over that i thought it was my fault when in reality business is a two-way thing the client has to do their part and you have to do yours sometimes you will screw up and it’s your fault i remember when we first hired our first ever freelance ab specialist and we were working for a hair transplant clinic at the time the same people that did this and this this new ad specialist launched an ad campaign it was a messenger campaign to generate as much leads as possible to their facebook page and they set the targeting on worldwide accidentally and they had a thousand messages in their facebook inbox overnight at a cost of like one per message and it just completely screwed up their entire lead system for about a week.

Now the fourth thing i wish i knew before i started is you need to hire based on personality and not based on skill because skills can be taught but personality can not and when i first started the agency i was outsourcing to anybody that i thought had the skills that i needed i wanted people that could get return on investment that could do the job that i wanted them to do the problem is we had such a high turnover rate because we were clashing personality wise they weren’t putting in the work or they weren’t as determined as i want them to be their work ethic simply wasn’t there because they were treating it as if it was a freelancing gig which on the outside it was and it’s because i was hiring wrong and so i changed that and i started hiring people that were behind our company culture that shared our mutual vision for a world where all aspiring entrepreneurs find success that understood that when they joined the company they were joining a very young company and they could grow with our company and mold into this very successful and fundamental part of the business.

Now the last thing is not something I wish I knew before I started because I was gifted in knowing this when I started and this is what propelled me forward in my agency at the beginning and it said sales are everything trusts me on this I preach about it a lot of agency based businesses service-based businesses are sales driven companies you have to be comfortable with selling to people and it doesn’t matter if you have no experience when you’re first starting out because nobody has experience of sales on the first starting out all this is a conversational problem-solving exercise it’s one person speaking to another person one person helping to help solve that other person’s problems now when you strip it all back and look at it like that you’re doing them a good service you’re doing them justice you’re trying to help the world and make it a better place.