It is probably easier now than it ever has been to put together a pc build if you don’t know the graphics cards and you don’t know the current CPUs and you don’t know the motherboard chipsets and you don’t know the current stock of coolers and you’re not sure how to how to connect what with what it can be really really frustrating and honestly make you feel like you want to pull your hair out.

So today I’m going to give you five top tips to get you into pc building shape and head you on the road to get the best price to performance in your build that’s what this channel is all about we work to condense all the technical details down so that you just get the information you need to get that best price to performance if that’s content that you want and want to see more of remembering to subscribe and click the bell icon to get notified when we go live it’s an absolutely free way to support the channel and get the content that you need for your pc build.

Tip number one is a tool that I use all the time and that’s pc part picker at this is an amazing tool it’s gonna help guide you through the building process and avoid things like incompatibilities graphics cards that won’t fit in your pc case getting the wrong motherboard with your CPU and a lot more now back when the channel just started out I did a build where I showed folks how to use pc part picker in a lot of detail and while the build-in that video really isn’t relevant anymore as a lot of the parts aren’t just available I do walk you step by step through how to use each component of pc part picker.

So I’m going to put a link up in the card above to that video I do want to highlight a couple of things for you though right now in this tips video so the great thing is if we go to system builder over here you can see pc part picker is going to allow you to put in each component and as you put in each component it’s going to check to see if there are these are compatible components you can put in filters in here if you’re only looking for a certain kind of memory for instance just a really really great tool the other thing the pc part picker does really well is it’s going to show you just the best deals on all of these parts so for instance.

If you’re looking for a deep cool gammaxx 400 or any kind of cpu cooler actually have a whole bunch here in what’s called a parametric selection so i’ve selected a lot from the coolers here that i i would buy any of these uh i find think that they’re all effectively interchangeable so it’s just going to show me the one that’s got the cheapest price right now it’s really useful tool especially with regard to memory i use this all the time really really fantastic tool you really should not be putting a build together without putting it in pc part picker especially because that’s how us folks in the building community usually talk to each other about our builds we send a pc part picker list um link and or post it up in a form or whatever and and other people can check it out.

Tip number two is to focus on getting really good stock performance out of your build without sweating things like overclocking or high-end memory tuning so I see this all the time too many first-time and returning builders get completely bogged down worrying about whether they’re going to be able to overclock or super tune their memory overclocking and memory tuning at the beginner level just isn’t going to net you much more than maybe about 10 percent of your performance so rather than spending all of your time worrying about that I recommend you focus instead on just getting really good stock performance so for instance.

I see people say things all the time like you know for memory you need to make sure you’re getting Samsung dies that’s insanely hard for beginners to figure out how to do or even returning builders to do and for the tiny performance distance difference it takes away a lot of their focus from just really important things in the build really important decisions to make so don’t let that overclock perfect you know perfection be the enemy of an assembled stock goodness right you rather build something that is awesome at stock then get stuck trying to figure out how to massively overclock something that you don’t even know how to overclock.

Tip number three is not overspending on components that don’t help performance this has got to be the most devastating thing to do to your pc budget now most of us human beings start off with a rough idea of how much we can spend overall on the pc that number may go up a little bit may go down a little bit but we’re generally pegged to an approximate number out there now the smaller that number the more important it is to maximize the performance you get out of each and every dollar.

This is a price to performance yet I constantly see people way overspending on components that yes, of course, you need to have a motherboard you need to have a power supply but above and beyond a certain level they have almost no impact on performance for instance in my recent best motherboards for Ryzen 5000 videos I explained why b550 boards were all that almost anybody needs especially gamers, yeah I still see so many gamers they claim to be on a mid-range budget and they’re buying very expensive x570 motherboards let me give you an example here I actually wanted to use the x570 tomahawk but it’s totally sold out.

I wanted to use the meg ace that’s totally sold out uh almost proving my point so let’s use the gigabyte x570 Aorus master fantastic motherboard don’t get me wrong but if you’re going to stick a Ryzen 3600 on this thing you’re out of your mind this is a 360 dollar motherboard um the tomahawk even though at least in us I know in other regions it sells for about its MSRP which is a good price but in the us that board sells for like 80 to 100 over MSRP most of the time when it’s in stock you could just as easily get a fantastic little motherboard like the ASRock b550 and pro4 for a hundred bucks that would do the same thing so that is gosh.

What is that 260 dollars that you’re throwing down the drain basically to get a real a motherboard that hey it looks cool the audio is going to be a little bit better on it but you could have plowed that into a much much better graphics card gotten a much higher fps heck you could have invested that a much better monitor so that you could get a better graphics card there’s a lot of other places that you can invest that money to get more fps and a better gaming experience overall okay.

Tip number four here is gonna be really controversial but absolutely needs to be said stop paying money or making decisions around this concept of an upgrade path most pc builders probably build a pc every three to five years the only components you’re going to be able to realistically upgrade is the graphics card that’s the easiest one to do possibly the memory there is no other component that you can spend extra money on right now that won’t be largely obsolete in that time frame.

So stop worrying about getting a good enough motherboard to maybe someday run a ryzen you know 16 core ryzen 3950x if you’re only putting together a build with a four core eight thread ryzen 3100 the hard truth that nobody says is that the used pc components market especially cpus they’re almost all as expensive now if not more so than when they were sold brand new and they’re certainly never going to be cost competitive against the current generation of components unless something completely changes in the market that hasn’t happened in five to ten years so stop worrying about an upgrade path and just focus on getting the best pc you can buy right now.

Tip number five is probably the absolute most important one get feedback from experienced and current pc builders before you buy anything, yes watching youtube videos is great, yes learning all this stuff for yourself is great but you don’t have to do it alone and I wouldn’t recommend doing it alone there’s a whole community out there connect to the community connect to some of us.

So for instance pc part picker has forums specifically for people to post their parts list here’s um we’re in their forums right we’re gonna go to par you can either post an existing part list or you can just say hey you can come over here create one for me um I don’t know I’m looking for an 800 to a thousand dollar uh build here’s what I need and then people will help you out now remember these are all internet strangers some of the folks who post in these uh forums don’t know what they’re doing either and they’ll just throw together a post so make sure you get some feedback on this maybe take this post go over to Linus tech tips forums in the new builds and planning take that and then post it over here and see what you get.

We’ll do one here’s the 2500 pc here’s someone doing exactly this this is hey this is what i was thinking what do you guys think of this and then people give them feedback hey i changed this i changed that this is a really great way to kind of socialize your build and make sure that you’re getting enough really good feedback from it here’s someone who’s recommending an msi x570 tomahawk.