Today we’re going to be building an incredible amazing a superb RTX 3080 gaming pc build I’ve picked up a load of great components from corsair ASUS republic of gamers and even a snazzy little case from cooler master to put together one of my favorites builds of the year in this video I’ll run you through all of the components I selected and why the build process step by step from the start right through to finish before booting the system up and seeing how it stacks up in some of the latest AAA titles and some older more popular games as well whatever games you’re looking to play on a system like this we’ll have it covered a little bit later without any further ado though let’s dive into it after a quick ad from today’s video sponsor ASUS rog and their brand new alpha sync bundles are you looking to build a pc in 2021 you probably are if you’re watching this video the bundles from ASUS and alpha sync give you a power supply a motherboard a CPU some ram a caller.

As usual, then we’re going to kick things off by installing as many components into the motherboard as possible this is kind of the beaten heart of your system and provides the skeleton for all of the components to be built onto this is the rog Strix x570f gaming it’s an awesome x570 board with all the features we could possibly want apart from wi-fi but that’s been covered off very nicely by this cool little ASUS PCI WIFI card it comes equipped with all the features we could possibly want with support for the latest gen 4 SSDs dual-channel memory support and some great overclocking headroom it’s also got a built-in rear Io shield which is one of my favorite additions to any motherboard in 2021.

The only thing it really lacks is wi-fi but for that, we’ve got this ASUS dual-band wi-fi adapter which I’ll leave linked alongside everything mentioned today in the description below I’ll be coupling our motherboard with a Ryzen processor specifically the latest 5000 series Ryzen 7. this is going to be an awesome chip if you’re actually looking to do a bit of streaming video editing or productivity as well as of course gaming at 1440p and 4k on the 3080 which we’ll come back to later as ever installing the CPU is actually relatively easy to locate the little golden triangle on the processor and line this up with the plastic triangle on the top left corner of the CPU socket pull up the retention arm on the socket drop the processor nice and gently into place and secure it back down that really is all there is to it.

The memory I’ve gone for a 16 gigabyte kit of corsair’s vengeance RGB pro, it’s black in its aesthetic as well which means it works well with the build today and of course, gives you that lovely dual-channel memory performance for a little bit of an fps upside especially with AMD processors in order to install the memory you just want to pull back the clips on the second and fourth dim slots find the notch on the memory and line this up with the notch on the motherboard go ahead and just slide that random into place it can be a bit fiddly and you do need to apply just a little bit of pressure once you’ve done this though you will hear a nice satisfying sound and you know that your memory is all installed and ready to go the final component you want to pop onto the motherboard before the motherboard assembly as it’s called is complete is the storage.

Now this choice is gonna be a lot down to personal preference but this one terabyte WD black sn850 gives you gen4 speeds of up to seven gigabytes a second in a form factor and a package that works well today if you’re going for a 3080 storage can actually become a bottleneck that’s just how powerful this new GPS so makes sure you pick yourself up a drive with plenty of speed for a build like this one don’t sell yourself short and with that, we can go ahead and pick up our case and move the completed motherboard into place this is caller masters master box mb520 when it comes to cases you really have got loads of options and handily we actually made a video covering our top 10 options for 2021.

This works well though with three RGB fans up front and although the front panel doesn’t mesh you do get a good bit of airflow clearance down either side and I personally like the look of acrylic or glass on the front of a case I think with those RGB fans it will just look absolutely awesome as ever I could unbox this case the difficult way or I could use the power of movie editing magic to unbox it a little something like this let’s go ahead and just take off the quite thick actually uh tempered glass side panel to give us plenty of room to actually install the motherboard.

If you had a 360 I’d whack it in the front but otherwise, it keeps our GPU clearance nice and long with the cooler in then and looking pretty fly if I do say so myself we did just have to spin round the corsair logo with an Allen key to get it the right way up we can move on to the final few components today that is, of course, the graphics card our wi-fi card which drops in just below and then finally the power supply which I will come back to a little bit later the RTX 3080 is one of the best GPU we’ve ever seen and although the new 3080 ti has come out this isn’t intended to replace the 3080 instead it sits above it for a fairly hefty price premium.

They’re both great cards but the 3080 for me is still the mega sweet spot and despite it being nearly a year old now it’s still a fantastic buy if of course, you can find one this tough cooler as well is one of the best options in terms of value for money it’s a lot cheaper than some other coolers on the market but still gives you that landmark 3080 performance and even a slight performance gain over the founder’s edition it’s a fantastic card with three large fans a nice cooler it’s a little plastic and doesn’t have a great deal of RGB but otherwise it looks great and that will slot in just above where we pop our wi-fi card this is the PCI 8x58bt a dedicated wi-fi and Bluetooth adapter with a dedicated antenna that you can position anywhere you want on a desk on your pc under your desk.

ASUS has only gone and ventured into the world of PSU with a 750-watt unit we featured in a video a couple of weeks back and now this 850-watt unit you get a really nice bag of included accessories including some stickers some Velcro cable ties and literally hundreds of normal cable ties which is always great to see you then also get the power supply which comes nicely packaged up actually in this kind of protective sleeve in the design is really really cool you’ve got this ASUS branding black on black and it’s fully modular plus it’s not just a style over substance with an 80 plus gold certification giving you a true 850 watts of maximum output you do want to go for 750 or 850 watts when it comes to a 3080 as they’re pretty power-hungry chips.

same with the latest powerful Ryzen processors if you go 650 your computer will just crash spontaneously and you won’t know why i can tell you why it is the power supply in terms of the cables we need let’s actually grab the ones that we’re going to use for this build being a fully modular power supply you of course choose which cables you do and you don’t want to plug in so we’re just going to go ahead and plug up a motherboard pci CPU and sata power cables to power up all the components and any rgb hubs or anything like that in the system today once you’ve gone ahead and actually pop these into the power supply you can screw it in with the fan facing down to pull fresh air from up below your case.