For 250 rupees it’s super surprising how many useful gadgets you can actually get it’s just fascinating so let’s not waste any more time let’s check out the gadgets that you can buy for under 250 rupees that are actually useful.

First, up earphones, you can actually get a decent pair of earphones under 250 rupees see I actually bought and tried four earphones under 250 rupees this one from Phillips that looks super cheap this one from betatron that sounds super cheap this one from bold that feels super cheap and this from brain which is also cheap but pretty good compared to the rest first of all the ambulant earphones look pretty good for earphones that cost 250 rupees and secondly they sound surprisingly good the treble is clear and crisp and the bass is as good as it gets in its price range so it’s pretty good it also has a mic which is not great not good but it’s usable to be honest my expectations for earphones under 250 rupees really really low but this is actually something you can buy and use so yeah I’m surprised.

So the big question is can you get a tablet under 250 rupees well you can actually you can get this sort of cheap-looking LCD tablet from ionic and on this tablet, you can only do one single thing right well this tablet comes with a pressure-sensitive pen that you can fix right here and it’s good for taking notes or using it as a scratch pad it’s also great for kids I remember we used to have these old school slates with chalks and everything and I remember we used to eat the chalks which are obviously not something you want your kid to do so this solves that too also one feature I really like is the log button on the back which make sure you can’t delete what’s on the screen although you can still write on it now this is missing even on higher priced optronics writing tablet which I’ve tried so yeah this is good and as for the price 220 rupees awesome right.

Okay so I’m going to get straight to the point where you can get this gaming mouse for less than 250 rupees and I’m not kidding this is not your trashy cheap gaming mouse this is your non-trashy slightly cheap gaming mouse from red gear, first of all, trust me from the looks of it nobody can believe that this is a mouse that costs 249 rupees I mean with the RGB lighting and design this looks very cool although the build quality is a little cheapish now let me be clear this is not a full-fledged gaming mouse because there are no additional buttons but there is a dpi button which lets you switch between four dpi levels and you can get a max of 2400 dpi which is pretty good for a mouse at this price now if you are not a gamer the awesome thing is there is also this usual work mouse from dell which also costs 249 rupees so yeah there are even different options under 250 rupees.

So this is a pen that costs 199 rupees and this reminds me of it is too round on the top it needs to be pointy anyway this is a super useful pen because this is a stylus it’s also a pen it has a compass on the top it has a two side screwdriver inside the body it also works as a phone holder and it’s also a torch yeah this is the most feature-packed pen I have ever seen I mean it costs 200 rupees.

So 250 rupees you can get a usual mouse a gaming mouse so it’s not surprising that you can also get a keyboard but this is a zinc full-size keyboard which is not the most tactile keyboard out there but it’s also not the worst so you can type on this keyboard but the keys are compactly laid out so I think you’ll need some time getting used to it also if you look closely you can see the text on the keys will not last very long but hey this costs 220 rupees so I suppose it isn’t that bad.

How did you notice this really cool looking mouse pad when i was talking about the dell mouse if you didn’t i wouldn’t hold it against you because it looks pretty basic but this is a gel mouse pad with wrist dress support as you can see it has this wrist support with a gel inside so you can use the mouse like this and yeah it’s pretty comfy to use now i like the height of the wrist support and the mouse pad is good to use but two things first up the durability is something i have a doubt on and pack is a little too sticky so don’t use it on your bed otherwise it might give people the wrong idea overall it’s 249 rupees so what the price i mean who cares what people think and if you don’t want to get a gel mouse pad with the wrist rest you can also get this super cool gaming mouse pad it also costs 249 rupees it’s way bigger and it’s way smoother and responsive plus it looks cool and i’ve tried it with the gaming and non-gaming mouse and this works well with both of them this is actually useful.

Now another thing you can get under 250 rupees is this gorilla tripod that supports both cameras as well as smartphones thanks to the smartphone holder that comes in the box of this gorilla tripod so your gorilla tripod is especially useful today with more and more people making short videos and this are something you can place on any surface or even places like your room’s door handle thanks to its flexible legs now I have to also the quality but it’s still great that you can get this for just 250 rupees now speaking of short videos of reels.

Well if you’re a budding reeler or a dreams influencer well this is for you so you must have seen people use ring lights when they shoot and this ring light costs 190 rupees so you can just clip it on your phone and there are three levels to the string like here’s a video I shot from the selfie camera without the ring light and with the ring light side by side and you can see that the small ring line actually makes a difference I mean the big ring lights cost around 2000 rupees and you can actually get 10 of these for that price attach it all over your phones.

When your videos will look brighter than your future let’s face it most laptop speakers are nasty little underpart pieces of and so are these speakers but hey at least they’re loud and they cost 250 bucks unlike your 70 000 rupee laptop so this is the bronyx pluto excellent name speakers and these are usb power speakers that have sound output of 5 watts in total now these are not the best sounding speakers but they’re loud and that makes it pretty good for watching movies and shows if a laptop speaker is subpar which it probably is and yeah here’s how they sound.

Now, why do your phones are good to have under 250 rupees but what if I told you you can actually get Bluetooth earphones under 250 rupees sounds too good to be true well it is these are just bad purposes well these are actually gadgets zone wireless Bluetooth neckband earphones and these are just so bad not comfy can’t hear buttons are mislabeled the volume minus button actually increases the volume plus button actually decreases the volume I mean how hard is this that’s what she said but all the jokes about the gadgets are actually pretty useful I mean most gadgets are especially because they are under 250 rupees.